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Interning at Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. prides itself on providing meaningful experiences for our interns. You won’t be fetching coffee here, unless it’s for yourself. You’ll gain knowledge about the industry while contributing hands-on work to your department. You’ll get the opportunity to ask questions of senior leaders about their thoughts on our business, but most likely, they’ll turn the tables and ask you about yours. We value your insights and your ideas. Like we said, “We love our interns.”



Positions are posted to the Warner Bros. Careers site for candidates to review and apply.
  • Positions for Summer are posted in February/March
  • Positions for Fall are posted in August/September
  • Positions for Spring are posted in December/January


Applications are reviewed and evaluated against the job requirements of the internship to which the applicant applies as well to all other open internship positions that may be a good fit. Candidates will be asked to upload a copy of their resume, college transcripts and a letter of recommendation.


Candidates who match the criteria and requirements will be contacted to schedule a phone interview. A phone interview is conducted to learn more about an applicant’s background and relevant experience, as well as their availability.


Candidates who are selected to continue in the interview process may be invited in to meet with the recruiter and the hiring manager. Out of town candidates may be interviewed on the phone or via Skype.


Once the interviews have been completed, the recruiter will inform the final candidate that they have been chosen for the position. The recruiter will walk the final candidate through the steps of the hiring process.


Warner Bros. requires a background check to be completed for all interns. The background check verifies current enrollment in a college or university and criminal record.

“Every morning is exciting! I get into the office and I can never really expect the same thing to happen as the day before.”
- Dillon Moscone, Theatrical Distribution Intern
“Warner Bros. is an incredible place to work. It’s a lot of fun; everyone’s super friendly.”
- Evan Nickel, Interactive Entertainment Production Intern
“It’s kind of a dream come true.”
- Shannon Vargas, Worldwide Television Marketing Intern

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What internship opportunities are available at Warner Bros. Entertainment?

    We have internship opportunities available in marketing, social media, publicity, creative development, business development, finance, digital media, media research and more. All internships are for students currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate program. The day-to-day tasks assigned to an intern will depend on the department and the projects or products currently in development.
  • What opportunities are available at Warner Bros. Entertainment for recent or upcoming graduates?

    Graduates should apply directly to full-time positions of interest by searching available jobs on this site.
  • What academic majors do you hire?

    We are open to hiring all majors, but our most rapidly growing areas are digital/new media and video games. We also have many opportunities throughout the company in finance and accounting, marketing and publicity.

    Other relevant majors include business administration, law, communications, animation, production/development, film and critical studies.
  • How long do internships last?

    Interns during the academic year typically work 16 to 24 hours per week for 8 to 14 weeks.
    Interns during the summer typically work 24 to 40 hours per week with a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • Can international students apply for internship opportunities in the United States?

    All are welcome to apply. However, our internship cycle may differ than that of your home country and all hiring decisions are subject to U.S. federal, state and local employment laws and regulations, including immigration laws pertaining to work authorization requirements and any other applicable government permissions or compliance.
  • I am interested in a production internship. How do I obtain an internship on set?

    Production internships are dependent on production schedules and filming locations. We suggest that you try connecting with the productions directly as their internship hiring is frequently handled by those working on set. Many productions hire production assistants as opposed to interns.
  • Are there internship opportunities in costume design or wardrobe?

    Our costume department is comprised of a small number of individuals. When and if internship opportunities do become available, the department handles the recruitment process in conjunction with the appropriate union.
  • Do you have outreach programs for high school film students?

    We do not have specific outreach for high school film students. We have a community outreach program targeted at graduating high school seniors who, if selected, receive a scholarship and the opportunity for four summer internships while in college. For more information about the Reach program, visit WB Citizenship.

Warner Bros. is committed to being an equal employment employer offering opportunities to all job seekers including individuals with disabilities. If you believe you need a reasonable accommodation in order to search for a job opening or to apply for a position, please contact us by sending an email to DisabilityAssistance-CareerSite@warnerbros.com. This email box is designed to assist job seekers who require a reasonable accommodation to the application process.

A response to your request may take up to two business days.

In your email please include the following:

Please Note: Emails sent for non-disability related issues such as following up on an application will not receive a response.

Thank you.

Warner Bros. se compromete ser un empleador de igualdad de oportunidades para todos los solicitantes de empleo. Ya que la mayoría de nuestras posiciones requieren Ingles básico, asumimos que todos los solicitantes podrán completar la solicitud en Ingles. Sin embargo, si usted necesita ayuda en la traducción al solicitar empleo, por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros enviando un correo electrónico a OprimaAquiParaEspanol@warnerbros.com. Esta casilla de correo es para ayudar a los solicitantes de empleo que requieren ayuda razonable para el proceso de solicitud.

Una respuesta a su solicitud puede tardar hasta dos días.

Por favor, tenga en cuenta: los correos electrónicos enviados por otras razones, tales como el seguimiento de una aplicación no recibirán una respuesta.

Muchas gracias.